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Friday, December 17, 2010

{Photography Friday} Making those eyes PoP!

Hi all...Stacie here and today I was going to show you a quick and FuN way that I found to make eyes PoP without using actions!  Here is my before/after:

I love this technique because it just adds to the beauty of her natural eye without making it look fake.  Here is the awesome video that I found on YouTube...that gives the complete how-to using Photoshop Elements 7!  Check it out!

Now it's your turn!!!  Link up your before/afters...and let us know if you used this technique...or another!  Can't wait to see them!!



  1. Thanks for sharing the video! For some reason tutorials for PSE scare me but this seems so easy that I can't wait for nap time so I can play around with my pictures! :)

  2. Just tried it out and it turned out great. Thanks for the tutorial. FYI it's the exact same steps for PS. the lasso tools look the same.

  3. Stacie, Awesome!! This makes me want to install my photoshop and get playing. That makes it so simple. Love that you found that video and shared.

  4. Hello! THanks for that tutorial! Its awesome!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!


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