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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Graham Cracker Goody-ness!

Every year my mother-in-law puts together a kit with everything needed to make these FuN graham cracker houses.  She puts graham crackers, candy,candy bars, cookies, powder sugar, 'just whites", cream of tarter, etc...and sends it to us.  I just make the frosting up...then put in baggies with decorative heads...and let the kids go at it!  They have a BLAST making and creating whatever they want.   It is so FuN to watch them!   I have listed the awesome GLUE frosting recipe below!

Frosting for Graham Cracker Houses:

First combine:

2 Tbsp. "Just Whites"
6 Tbsp. warm water

Stir gently for 2 min with wisk...then mix with mixer to soft peak stage

Then add:

3 3/4 C. powdered sugar
1/2 tsp. cream of tarter
And mix for 10 min.

Then {if you don't have cake decorating bag} cut the corner off of a  large Ziploc bag...add cake decorating tips and add frosting. HAVE FUN!



  1. So this may totally be the dumbest question ever... but what are "just whites"!! I was going to go buy a gingerbread kit .. but I love this idea so much more!!!

  2. problem! I did not even know this existed until my mother-in-law sent it. It is just 100% dried egg whites...and it is made by DEB EL. I am not sure where she got it...but... I think you could just use regular egg whites...and not add the water. It says on the can that 2 Tbsp. of "Just Whites" is equal to 3 egg whites. If you do use regular egg whites...don't add the water and it should work the same way. :)

  3. what a fantastic idea! and thanks for the recipe for the frosting glue I resorted to buying pre-made this year as didn't know how to make it.

  4. Has anyone made a handcart using graham crackers? I am looking for ideas for pioneer day.
    email me at


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