"As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness,
you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FuN Water Bottle Holder!

I found this idea here...and I thought these would be perfect for when my kids are riding their bikes ...or for when we go camping and hiking this summer! I just bought my ribbon at Walmart...and the rubber O-Rings I bought at Home Depot. They came in a pack of 10. I couldn't find the same size that they suggested I ended up getting 1 1/16" x 7/8" x 3/32" and that worked too. I used a little Fray Check on the ends of the ribbon...folded the ribbon a couple of times...stitched...and I was done! Soooo EaSy!! For complete instructions on how they made theirs ... click HERE! Have FuN!!


  1. This is neat. My girl is starting k5 com August. We will definitely be needing some!!!

    Hey,if you want,can skip the fray check and use a lighter when you use grosgrain ribbon. Just hold it up to the light and watch the edges melt. It is faster, looks prettier and doesn't leave the residue line of fray check. I learned this from hairbow videos=)

    Have a great day!

  2. Those turned out so cute! That is something else I have to add to my list of things to do! Can't wait!

  3. Stacie-
    Another kindred spirit!! I am SOOO grateful to you for commenting on my blog and giving me this idea. Thank you SSOO very much. I seriously have NO time anymore, and don't get to rome the internet looking at awesome ideas from fellow bloggers, let alone post on my OWN blog. I have tons of ideas, but never the time to follow through. This idea is perfect! I'm heading to WallyWorld in a few to pick up the ribbon and make these!! YOU ROCK girl!! BTW...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your darling blog!! I'm bookmarking it so I can return when I have more time to brouse. Thanks for introducing yourself. I'll definately be back soon to visit!! XOXO


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