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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CuTe tags for your FHE board!

If you would like to give your FHE board or Chore Charts a more personalized look...check out what Maria from You Craft Me Up! did for her tags! {I found this via: Someday Crafts!}

She added some ribbon CuTeNeSS to a photo keychain!
Wouldn't that make an AdoRaBle keychain in itself ?!?!
LoVe it!!
For more info on this FuN idea...go HERE!
Maria...thanks so much for sharing!!


  1. Thanks so much Stacie!!! I am absolutely GIDDY - I have never been featured before! I am so new to the craft blogging world, and I am so happy you featured me! Thanks! :)

  2. Love the tags on these! My kids don't read yet so these would be perfect. You are so sweet to link to my blog! Thanks!!! BTW, in google analytics, you are usually in or close to the top 10 referring sites to my blog. Thank you for finding such amazing ideas and for having my blog on your sidebar. i really appreciate it!


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