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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Fabric Hair Flowers!!

I have to admit...I am addicted to making fabric flowers! They are sooo much CuTe...and EaSy! I have seen them floating around online for sometime now...and thought they are just so I decided to make some Halloween ones for my girls! My oldest daughter even loved helping make them.'s what I did:
I cut a 4" circle...3 1/2" circle...3" circle...and a 2 1/2" circle out of fabric... Then frayed the heck out of the edges with my fingernails. Then I stacked the fabric on-top of each other and sprayed the fabric with{ fabric starch}...then placed on cookie sheet and put in oven...under WARM heat until fabric dries.(only a couple of min.) {this will help keep its shape and help the edges to curl a little} Then I cut one 4" circle of tulle and added it to my 4 circles of fabric. I put my tulle in between the 2nd and 3rd layer of fabric. You don't have to add tulle...but I think it adds a little cuteness. :) Then sew the layers together. For the center...I just Mod Podged some fabric on the bottom of one of those glass rocks...and hot glued it to the middle. On the back...I hot glued a clippie and a piece of felt to the bottom... and there ya go!!! Super EaSy and Super CuTe!!
I made smaller ones for my little girl the same way...but I started my circles smaller and I used the smaller glass beads.
My daughter wears these hooked to her headband{ with the clippie}...and sitting a little crooked on her head. It looks sooo StinKin' CuTe!!
Wouldn't these make great presents...or...stocking stuffers????!!!!
HaVe FuN!!


  1. super cute!!! i think i may try these for christmas!! thanks for the how to!

  2. Cute! I really like the glass bead in the middle. I just made some crochet flowers, maybe I'll have try adding the bead in the middle instead of a button. Thanks!

  3. I oh I love it! Thanks for the instructions and everything! BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. So cute!! I made a couple with tulle and a daisy for my little witches....

  5. I love those flowers!! What an adorable idea. I love your blog too and the Halloween Music!! So fun :)

  6. these are stinkin CA-UTE!!! me and my daughters gotta try them!!

  7. TOOO CUTE!! I love the Monster Mash festive! :)

  8. Absolutely love your blog!! Had fun looking at all your craft ideas! Thanks for sharing!:)

  9. Those are so cute. I think I'll have to make some from my sweet girl. I bet some korker ribbons on the top right before the button would also be a cute little touch.

    Thanks for the great idea.

    Love your blog too.


  10. Stacie I love these! I have a Fall/Halloween hair clippie post coming up this weekend and I would love to add this link to the post! Email me and let me know if that's ok!

    Blue Cricket Design

  11. Those are darling Stacie. What a cute idea!


  12. Hey girlie!!

    I am LOVIN' yer blog so I am passing an award onto YOU!!

    Check it out here:

    Thanks for all of the FAB ideas! Luvs!!

  13. Absolutely fabulous! I featured these at

  14. These are so cute! I love your blog and all your cute ideas!

  15. I just came across your blog and LOVE IT! I am just starting out with a side business/tutorial site... ... hopefully mine will be as great as yours someday!

  16. So cute! I LOVE making fabric flowers too. I agree, they're addicting!


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