"As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness,
you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Sunday, April 19, 2009

flower yard stakes

These are made out of 1/4" plywood. I just drew( what I thought looked like a flower), and cut them out. The leaves were scrap wood that was leftover from cutting out the flowers. The stems could be made out of wood lath, or a sturdy yard stick (Home Depot has good ones for cheap) that you could sand down so you can't see the measurements. Then paint.
My daughter, who is turning into a little CraFter herself, had fun helping me with the painting.

Once they were done drying, I sanded the tops, and the edges down.

Then, I wiped stain around all the edges to give it that older look.

Then I used wood glue to hold the pieces together.

I think they turned out really cute! It thought would be really cute to take my kiddos pictures with them for a fun spring look!


  1. Clever! I love that the kids can help. Mine love to do things like this!

  2. Oi. Parabéns pelo seu excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer um pouco sobre o Brasil. Abração

  3. I love these. They're so cute and perfect for that time when you don't have anything blooming in your yard. Pretty!

  4. I love these flowers! Such cheeriness! Just found your blog and having so much fun perusing all the very clever and pretty projects here. I like the art gallery thingy - I need something like that for my kids' artwork. Thank you for your ideas!

  5. How cute! I just found your blog through Design Dazzle. You are so it! :)

  6. How adorable! Just found your blog and am loving it!

  7. That's so cute! I'm going to remember this for next spring. I have a question. How do you cut the wood? Jigsaw? Dremel? I've been hinting to my hubby that I want a dremel tool. Would that work? Thanks for posting this.

  8. Hi Rachael-
    I used a scroll saw to cut these out. I have never used a Dremel before so I'm not sure if that would work or not. Sorry for not being more helpful. :) Good Luck!

  9. LOVE these! I just found your blog tonight and am spending WAY TOO much time checking it all out! I'm getting lots of great ideas for Super Saturday in my ward this September!!! I have twin girls that will turn 4 in 2 weeks. These would be PREFECT in their garden bedroom "growing" up from their floor broads :)

  10. Adorable! I have a few questions. What are the colors you used? What is a rough estimate of the flower size and height of the stem? You are very creative!

  11. Hi lauri! It's been a while since I made them but I'm thinking I used apple barrel acrylic paint in fuchsia, Caribbean, leaf green, canary yellow. They are about 3 1/2' , 3', 2 1/2' tall. You have to allow room for the stake to go in the ground pretty far to be stable. Hope this helps a little : )


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