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Friday, January 28, 2011

Photography Friday- Photo Edit Fun!

Welcome to Photography Friday!
First of all...thanks so much to those who have linked up your "Fun with "HEARTS" ideas from last week.  You guys are awesome and so creative! {If you haven't check them out yet...go here!}  The link will be open till Valentines Day for those that have thought about doing it.  I can't wait to see them! I was thinkin' we could have some fun editing the same image.  This image is one that I took of my daughter while she was playin' around on a little bridge.  I am in love with candid shots...and thought this one turned out sooo cute!
Here is the original:
...and my edit:
I won't go into complete details on how I did mine...but to give you an idea:   I cropped the image... adjusted the color curves...bumped up hue/saturation a little...played around with the levels...adjusted color, and sharpened eyes ...then with my brush set at a low opacity...burnt the edges.
Phew...... :)
Now it's your turn!!! 
I would LoVe to see your fixes for this same image!  You are welcome to explain what you did and which program you used...but you are not required.  Just have FuN!
Here is the link:



  1. Great edit and what a beautiful little girl!

  2. Looks beautiful! Are you using photo shop? I'd love a tutorial on that. :) Or any recommendations for good sites to learn.

  3. Hey Jamie! Yes...I used Photoshop Elements 7. There are newer versions of Photoshop and heard they are a little more complicated for the beginner... but I've only used Elements so i'm not for certain. :)

  4. Well, it didn't let me center the picture in the linky but I guess it doesn't matter =)

  5. Wow you daughter is gorgeous! I love her big "precious moments" like eyes! :)
    I love the edit you did, too, her eyes really pop! :)
    I think I may try to play along. :) I love editing photos!
    Agape Love Designs

  6. That is amazing and your daughter is just beautiful!

    I'd love for you to do more tutorials on photoediting....we just got our Nikon D3100 at Christmas and we're still trying to figure it's definitely the post production that makes cool pictures!

  7. Wow, gorgeous pics and a beautiful little girl!!! I, too, would love to learn how to do edits like this.

  8. I love this! I am teaching myself how to use Photoshop Elements 9 and I am kinda excited/scared to take on the challenge! I am just getting into photography and I am so excited to check out your posts on it!


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