"As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness,
you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, August 31, 2009

My $3 Frame Makeover!

From this...
To this!!

This was a super fun and quick project that I made last week. I saw one of these at Jo-Ann's one day...and of course...I couldn't afford I wanted to try to make one myself. So... I did with a $3 picture frame that I bought at a yard sale. Now it is a dry-erase calendarAll I used to make this... is a good frame with glass {not plexi-glass}...a permanent marker...ruler...and my Cricut to cut the {Month} {days of the week}{and the circles}. I drew the squares...and placed the vinyl on the opposite side of the glass than the side you will be writing on they won't come off with all of the erasing. If you have a Cricut...I used the mirror feature...then your letter will stick on the back of the glass...but you will be able to read it from the front. I hope that made sense...I'm not really great about describing things...but hopefully you get the idea. Don't worry...if your squares aren't perfect. As you can tell mine aren't but it still looks ok. Also...don't be afraid of the perm. marker...if you make a mistake...use a wet paper towel and wipe...or you can spray hairspray on a paper towel and and wipe and it will come right off.
Remember to place everything backwards...on the opposite side of the glass.

Now it is a very functional...hand calendar to write on!!
If you felt like could use that extra piece of cardboard that came with the frame...and put fabric or scrapbook paper on it to give it a more personalized look!

Hmmm...wouldn't this make a great affordable Christmas gift????

Ok...I screwed up...Roadkill Rescue is supposed to be for items that you spent $0 dollars on...oops!! I linked up... then read the fine details...How dumb do I feel. :)Sorry...I guess it would be $0 if you already had the frame. :) Anyways check their other awesome Roadkill Rescue's that linked up at Infarrantly Creative!! :)

HaVe FuN!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jewelery Window idea!!

Tammy from Decorating my life...came up with this awesome way to display and organize her jewelery!! I love it!! My necklaces and earrings are scattered everywhere...and when it comes time to find them...I never can. I am going to have to try this!! If you would like more info. on how she made this...go HERE! HaVe FuN!
Tammy...thanks for the great idea!!

Are your old paint chipped windows safe??

Recently I received a comment from Cherie regarding decorating with old paint chipped windows that possibly might contain LEAD. Thank you {by the way} for bringing this to my attention. I LoVe old paint chipped windows, doors, etc...and I have a ton in my house. This really had me worried...I can't believe I hadn't thought about it seriously until now. I went to Home Depot and bought a lead paint detector and guess what...{3} of my items I had in my house for decoration... tested positive for lead paint. EEEK!! Thankfully...I don't have a little one crawling on the floor putting everything in her mouth. I don't really want to freak everyone out about this...but it is so important for the health of you and your family. I think sometimes we get caught up in {how cute it is} and forget to check to see if it will harm us or our family.
Needless to say...those items are decorating the outside of my house now :) Anyways, I will still love old things...but in the future... I think I will be a bit more careful on what I will bring in my home. So...go check all of your old painted windows etc. and make sure yours are safe. The testing kit I bought was under $7 and only took a couple of minutes. Definitely worth that peace--of-mind. Thank you Cherie!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AdoRabLe old window project!!

From this:
To This!

How AdoRable is this!! Look what Hailey from I Love This and That made out of her old window!! What a FuN picture holder!! She saved the bottom window pane...and put her daughters name on it. Sooo CuTe! If you would like more info...and to see some of her other great HERE!!
Thanks for the FuN idea Hailey!

Friday, August 21, 2009

AdoRaBle Children's Kitchen!

OK...I am absolutely in L*O*V*E with this!! Erin at Sutton Grace made this ADORABLE children's kitchen from a old entertainment center. HoW CrEaTiVe is that!! Since it seems like everyone is buying the flat panel TV's...I've seen a lot of these for sale on Craigslist. You can check out how she made this and more awesome projects HERE! HaVe FuN!!
Thanks for the great idea Erin!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giveaway @ The Dress-up Drawer!!

If you haven't already...head on over to The Dress-up Drawer's Super Giveaway!! Today... you can enter to win this Chicken Wire Picture Board!! Also check out Jaime's AdoRabLe capes she makes for the kiddos!! So Fun!! GOOD LUCK!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Super Giveaway!!!

The Dress-Up Drawer
is hosting an AWESOME Giveaway starting Aug. 17th-24th. Go Check it OuT!!! GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

90 min.(or less) Little Girl Twirl Skirt!

Isn't this skirt FuN!! My awesome cousin made this for her AdoRabLe little girl the other day... in under 90 min.! How fun and easy to change up your little girls wardrobe with a few of these. I am definitely going to have to try making some of these for my girls. It will probably take me longer than 90 min (like most of my sewing projects usually do).... but hey...if it saves a little cash (especially using Joann's coupons)...and looks adorable...then I'm all for it! For more info and an awesome tutorial...go here!
Thanks Deb!!
Have FuN!

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